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Pritchetts The Butcher - "A local name you can trust"

Welcome to Pritchett's the Butcher


Pritchett's the Butcher first opened its doors in 1914.  In those days there was something of an economic boom in Salisbury with some national companies such as Hoover, Fyffes and British Sugar Corporation taking up office here. Nowadays, those businesses have long gone, but Pritchett is still very firmly on the map in Fish Row!


Mark, and the team at Pritchett's are dedicated to providing you with the best quality meat and their own 'homemade' products at great value prices - the best in town!


Prichett's use only the finest quality, locally sourced meat.  The meat has been hung for tenderisation and to develop flavour - for just the right amount of time before being cut to order for you.  They make their own fantastic sausages, burgers and other products to the highest specification - they even use beer from our very own Hopback Brewery in their sausages!  Pritchett's are keen to help with any dietary queries and make products specifically for Coeliac sufferers - at last you can have tasty sausages and burgers with no worry of side effects!


They developed the 'Salisbury Sausage' specially for our annual Food and Drink Festival held in the market square as part of the Salisbury Arts Festival Year of events - you'll find they have a presence at every festival as well as having stalls on the Salisbury Charter Market - one for their fresh meat and products and one for freshly cooked homemade burgers, sausages, chicken and roast pork - all cooked to order - perfect for a snack while you wander around the market........ and such good value too!  Click here for details of events covered by Pritchetts and for up to date recipes too!


With the help of this website, we aim to keep you up to date with our latest offers and recipes, whilst also letting you know more about us and where you can find restaurants that serve our finest quality meat! 


Whether you are looking for the perfect joint for Sunday roast, something special to cook for friends or a specific cut for a formal dinner, Pritchett's have the answer - and they can help with recipes and cooking tips too!  Just ask your favourite butcher, Pritchett's - the local name you can trust! 


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